Saturday, October 24, 2015

Baby Red Snapper with Ginger Bok Choy

Saturday 10 October
Luken's had a sign for "baby's first snappers, $3.99/lb." today.  Our friend behind the counter confided that they had come in earlier in the week, but hadn't sold.  But their fish-eyes were bright and they smelled good (i.e. not at all), so we got a pair and took them babies home.
At dinnertime we heated the oven to 500º F., salted the fishes inside, slit them several times along the sides, and stuffed the slits with chopped fresh parsley and tarragon.  Set them in a cast-iron pan like pisces, and roasted them according to the Anthony Bourdain method for ca. 15 minutes (they were small) until crispy outside and flaky inside.  Then we drizzled them with basil oil and plated.

For a side, we picked the last of our garden bok choy (mei qing choy).  We started the stir-fry by throwing some batons of our spring ginger in the hot oiled wok, then adding the bok choy stems, salt, and finally leaves, until the greens got dark.  Drizzled with a little water, turned down the heat, and covered the wok to steam the greens for a minute or so.

Pretty elegant for a couple of babies.

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