Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sweetbreads Piccata with Tiny Turnip Nests

Sunday 18 October
One of Barbara's Jungle Jim's finds was a commercial packet of two lobes (mmmlobes) of beef sweetbreads.  We had gotten them before in JJ's packaging, and we think that those was better quality, and less tattered; but we settled for what we could get.  
We soaked them in water for a couple of days, and proceeded with this recipe, featuring a lemon and caper sauce.  They ended up being more chewy than the previous set, and took longer to cook, though still quite tasty.  Maybe we should boil them a little longer next time.

They still deserved an extra-elegant side dish.  For it, we used tiny white salad turnips we bought from a nice grower at the Farmers' Market (who also recommended Franchi Sementi Italian seeds - but these turnip were  Hakurei, from Johnny's Seeds).  Martha Stewart calls them Tokyo turnips, doubtless because she gets her seeds from Tokyo - no kidding.  Dora is less snooty, and just likes to play with the greens.

The turnips and greens are so tender, all you need to do is boil them both in salted water for a couple of minutes, and take the greens out first to make little nests on the plate, putting the tiny turnips in like eggs.  
So cute, and went very well with the piquant sweetbreads in their puddle of caper sauce.

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