Saturday, October 17, 2015

Metropole, Cincinnati

Wednesday 7 October
Maria had just chilled our blood with her AIA talk on sudden death in the Agora, so we, Kathleen, and Susan took her out to Metropole to warm us all up by their wood-burning fire.

We started by sharing some heartening red wine and charcuterie: lomo, 'nduja, a couple of local cheeses, mustard and mostarda, a few pickles, smoked grapes(!), hot olives, and grilled bread.
Then we progressed to a nice white Burgundy, Olivier Leflaire les Sétilles, which went perfectly with our mains: seared red drumfish with littleneck clams, kale, and chickpeas, and well-seasoned grilled duck breast with marble-size potatoes, swiss chard, blackberries, and saffron-almond sauce.

As a finisher, we had one dessert - bourbon custard with a gelée base, fresh raspberries, a sweet grissino - and five spoons.
And as a bonus, Metropole threw in one of their specialties, smoked nectarine cotton candy in a copper mug. 
Such a fun evening.

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