Saturday, October 10, 2015

Solo in Sicily

18-25 September

We can't write about what Holt and Barbara had for dinner this week, because Barbara had to (just had to!) fly off to Taormina, Sicily, to attend the International Numismatic Congress, while Holt held the fort at home. 
Though Sicily was not anywhere near as nice as it would have been if Holt were there, Barbara did keep some notes on edibles. 
At La Zagara, a place recommended by Nando at the Fontana Vecchia B&B, she had an attractive plate of prosciutto melone - the melon skinned whole and sliced thin on a machine, so it fell into paper-thin O's.  On another night, there were ravioli di pistacchio.

At the Trattoria da Ugo, she had carpaccio di pesce spada and pistachio-coated fish one night, and carpaccio di acciughe another.  
Also memorable was an evening appetizer party for 700 under the moon in the folly-like Public Gardens, where wild Sicilian musicians played, and legions of cooks tossed hot arancini and other snacks in giant oil-filled pans, at least until the wine ran out.

And for the final banquet on the cool terrace of the formerly-monastic San Domenico Palace Hotel, there were pennete con ragù di finocchietto di rocca e acciughe alla Palermitana, Arrosto di maialino con sauté de mele alla canella e riduzione di Nero d'Avola, and a giant classic cannolo with candied fruits, a perfect Sicilian ending - if only Holt could have been there.

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