Saturday, October 17, 2015

Swordfish and Southern Beet Greens

Thursday 8 October
We had roasted a sheaf of farmers' market beets a while ago, and saved the good greens for another day, which turned out to be today.  We chose swordfish steaks as our protein accompaniment, just marinated with oil, salt, and lemon, and seared on the grill pan.

As for those beet greens, we tried a Southern-style accent.  Rendered 1/8 lb. of chopped bacon until crispy, set it aside, and in the same pan fried the chopped beet stems first, then the chopped greens.  Drizzled the panful of greens with apple cider vinegar, then re-added the bacon crisps, tossed, and plated with the swordfish.  

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