Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sicilian Fettucine

Thursday 1 October
Barbara bought Holt an edible souvenir from Taormina: a bag of dried condimento di pasta di Sicilia, made up of lots of parsley, garlic, and fiery little peperoncini (she wisely passed up the bag labeled "fuoco dell’Etna"). 

It came into use quicker than we wanted: we had prepared some fresh fettucine so that Lauren and Zac could come over for the basil harvest, but Zac fell ill (which is what he gets from hanging around sick people all the time).  
So we served our fettucine to just ourselves, using the hydrated condimento.  It was fiery and garlicky enough for anyone, but probably needs to simmer longer, maybe with an admixture of tomatoes. 

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