Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunday at the Opera

Sunday 24 June
Our niece Caroline had a triumphant debut as First Ragamuffin in the Southern Illinois Music Festival Children's Chorus of La Bohème.  Her co-stars were former Cincinnatian and CCM graduate Gary Seydell as Rodolfo; Gina Galati as a touching Mimi; our nephew Jacob's voice teacher Eric McCluskey as Marcello; and Ashley Wheat stealing scenes as Musetta.
We were in happy emotional rags when we got home - and the temperature outside was in the high 90s - but we had a glass of wine and heated the oven nonetheless to make kale crisps, with kale that Barbara grew and smuggled across state lines, as an appetizer.
The main course was Becky's own pesto and grape tomatoes on whole wheat pasta. 
Bravi tutti!

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