Saturday, June 16, 2012

Canteloupe with Potato Salad Tonnato

Thursday 14 June
Once you buy and open a big canteloupe, you have to keep eating it until it's gone.  Today we served a few slices, with salami as its salty accompaniment, for a starter.
The second course was a hefty potato salad made by pouring the leftover tonnato sauce from Monday over Yukon golds boiled until just tender this morning (Dora, of course, had to participate in that activity).
Another flaked can of tuna fish fleshed the salad out and gave more protein to the meal. 
It would have been even nicer if we didn't have to refrigerate the salad, but we would have had to leave it out all day, and we're too American to do that, even though we now know that mayonnaise is in fact anti-microbial.
Now that we've ruined your appetite, did we mention that this potato salad was delicious?

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