Saturday, June 09, 2012

Jean's Cream Tea

Friday 1 June
Though Donald was not feeling well enough to participate, Jean Wellington and a few helpful grad students forged ahead and put on her much-anticipated yearly Cream Tea.
This time the crustless tea sandwiches included salmon and pesto creamcheese and prosciutto with provolone as well as the classic cucumber and butter.   There were scones with and without raisins, plus the whipped cream to dip them in; apricot, raspberry and lemon-jam-filled tarts; brownies; banana bread; chocolate-frosted bûche de Noël; tipsy trifle; fresh strawberries; cashews and chocolate candies; and various poundcakes, including a tasty cinnamon.  Oh, and tea and lemonade.
Once again we scoffed enough to skip dinner, though at around 9 PM, we felt like having one more scone, slightly warmed, with butter and marmalade.  So thanks Jean, and Donald, feel better soon!

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