Thursday, December 04, 2014

Thanksgiving in Carbondale

Thursday 27 November
There were nineteen of us gathered for the family Thanksgiving dinner, so we needed two 13-pound turkeys.  They'd been barded in bacon and were bag-roasting since early morning.
In the meantime, Becky had taken Holt's pan of plain (not slutty) cornbread, and run up a batch of sausage stuffing.  

Over the rest of the day, she and her minions (the rest of us) produced a panful of sweet potatoes with brown sugar streusel on top; a pot of mashed potato, to be served plain (vegan) or with turkey gravy; Holt's olive-oil-sautéed brussels sprouts with vegetable broth and lemon peel, finished with pink Himalayan salt and garlic oil (also vegan-friendly); cooked cranberry sauce, and raw cranberry-orange relish.  
Our selection of apple ciders was imported from Cincinnati Ohio, and there was little standing between us and a food coma.

After a few hours, when we woke up, pies had appeared: homemade pecan and pumpkin, as well as store-bought apple and cherry, with whipped cream.  Back into the food coma.

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