Thursday, December 25, 2014

Golden Roast Chicken plus Vedge

Sunday December 14
We had long dithered back and forth about the best way to roast a chicken.  We tried Thomas Keller's dry high-heat method, but it didn't allow for any vedge to roast alongside the bird, because that would create steam - but we love the succulent vegetables, and didn't want to do without them.  But when we roasted it all in our big roasting pan, the chicken's skin was pallid and not crispy.  The solution, we found, was using a low-sided tray for everything.

Tonight we slutted the bird up by mixing some chopped rosemary, thyme, salt, and a little garlic oil to make a paste, and pushing it up under the breast skin.  The oil works better than butter, because it soaks in rather than bubbling up.

Our vedge was shallots and brussels sprouts, salted and tossed about in the chicken's fat and juice, which made them even tastier.

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