Thursday, December 04, 2014

Pork Loin with Vedge

Saturday 29 November
People trickled away today, due to long drives or duties awaiting them on Sunday.  So there were only seven of us left, which for us is a dinner party, but for the Shaffers is daily life.
Becky made a half pork loin rubbed with horseradish sauce, garlic and rosemary.  The original recipe was for tenderloin, so a quick roast on high.   
But Becky had a half loin, so went slow on low, baking the pork in open foil at 325º for 90 minutes, so that it was swimming in fragrant juices.
There were also roast potatoes, lemon-glazed carrots, and applesauce to go alongside.

Oh, and again, there were the last bits of pie and whipped cream for dessert.

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