Saturday, December 13, 2014

Classics Holiday Party

Tuesday 9 December
Kathleen and Steve most kindly opened their home to the Classics Department yet again, for a last-minute potluck holiday party.
There was a groaning table of savories in the dining room, and another in the kitchen groaning even more with desserts and sweets (must have been the caloric level).
People brought a dizzying array of foods, including samosas and pakoras from Elephant Walk restaurant, various trays of barbecued, fried, and baked chicken, lentils with sausage, Daniel and Jun's shrimp cake, Lauren's sweet potato and vegetable pie, a casserole of cheesy pastitsio, curry with rice, pigs in blankets (according to Steven, the Australians call these "little boys"), savory Swedish meatballs, cherry tomatoes with feta, a sort of caprese of golden beets with mozzarella, and many other savory specialties.  Holt had made two of his famous focacce, one Christmassy with green rosemary and red salt, the other slutted up with caramelized onions and Moroccan olives.

The sweets table had many pies, including Chris' lemon meringue, cupcakes that turned everyone's tongues pink, Sarah's homemade buckeyes, palmiers, and lots of Christmas cookies.  So a happy and filling time was had by all, even the long-suffering host and hostess.  Thanks, Kathleen and Steve!

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