Thursday, December 04, 2014

Chicken Barley Chili in Illinois

Wednesday 26 November
Our drive to Carbondale IL for the Thanksgiving weekend was not without tension.  Traffic came to a dead halt after we'd only driven 50 miles, and stayed stuck for over an hour before moving again.  Then shortly after we'd left Louisville, a thick wet snow made visibility near impossible, and slowed us to a safe but snail-like pace.  
We stumbled into the Shaffers' house an hour after dinner, but Becky still had some chicken barley chili (with corn and black beans) in the slow-cooker, and some sweet cole slaw on the side.  We just added a platter of Holt's cornbread, slutted up with red pepper, onion, sausage and cheese, and that attracted some of the family back to the table. 

For dessert, Becky had made German chocolate brownies, a family favorite, to celebrate Holt's and Joanna's birthday.  There were already several specialties, including Jo Linn's buttermilk fudge, Martha Washingtons, and vegan black bean chocolate fudge on the dessert buffet.  And even the last wasn't bad.

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