Thursday, December 04, 2014

Spatchcocked Chicken and Root Vedge

Monday 1 December
Back in the early fall, we bought a small (2 1/2 lb.) chicken from a farmer in Findlay Market.  It was already frozen, so we just threw it in our freezer and figured we'd have it later.
Today we pulled it out and defrosted it under water.  Holt found the classic recipe for spatchcocking a small bird with lemon slices.  He knows how Barbara loves the lemon flavor.

Whole peeled shallots, sliced carrots and turnips roasted around the bird, and it took a very short period of time to be crisp-skinned and delicious.  It was a working bird, so was skinny and muscley in the breast, but it doesn't matter when a nice slice of lemon juices it up.

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