Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jean's Famous Cream Tea

Friday 14 November

Our emerita librarian Jean's British-style cream teas were famous in, and beloved by, the Classics department.  But recently her responsibilities have been such that she hasn't been able to take it on alone.  That's why we volunteered to co-produce it with her, and rounded up a co-operative group of grad students to help us put it together.
Jean provided two of her masterpieces: bûche de Noël, and tea sandwiches (classic cucumber, curried chicken salad, and smoked salmon with boursin), with the crusts cut off, as is proper.  
Holt contributed the rest: tiny hexagonal scones topped with crystal sugar, and served with whipped cream and a selection of preserves; even tinier lemon tea cake gems; and classic madeleines.  
Okay, several elements of the above are French, not British.  And that's very British too.
The whole department turned out and enjoyed the food and the occasion, and even though everyone ate as much as they could, there were still some luscious leftovers to take home. 
The lion's share went to the helpers - thanks, Sarah, Alice, and Simone! - but there was plenty for us too.  So around 10 PM, when we got a little hungry, we had a little feast of tea sandwiches, wine, and scones.  That was dinner.

Thanks, Jean - let's keep cream tea going!

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