Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cooking with Claudia Roden

Monday 10 November
UC's Judaic Studies department was putting on a series of lectures entitled "Foodaism."  And one of the least advertised sections of it was a cooking demonstration by Claudia Roden, held tonight at Hillel, right across the street from our office.  We were so there.
They had set up tables all around the main room, with bowls and sets of ingredients all measured out.  And there was Claudia Roden herself in the center, showing us how to mix and fold, telling stories of her youth in the Syrian-Jewish community of Alexandria, and generally being charming.

She patiently taught us to make bazargan, like a spicy tabbouleh made with giant bulgur grains, and konafa à la crème, a cheesy-centered kataifi pie.  And then she signed our copy of her Book of Jewish Food.  We were so chuffed.

Then we walked home to glasses of wine and a little additional protein, i.e. some cherry tomatoes and smoked mozzarella.

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