Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween with the Old Tucson Crew

Friday 31 October
Maggie was driving down from Albany, and Lois and Jon from Champaign-Urbana, to have a big Halloween weekend.  The weather was bleak and rainy, and we hardly had any trick-or-treaters.  But there was plenty of champagne, and a big bowl of fresh kale chips and small bowls of our pickles and olives kept us from dipping too deep into the Almond Joys.

When it was clear that we couldn't hijack any more kids and force them to accept candy, we rolled out the dinner that had been waiting in the oven: Barbara's Big ol' Butt, with sliced potatoes and shallots that had roasted for an hour in a pan on the rack on top of said Butt.

For dessert, Holt made "Gingerdead Men," slabs of gingerbread with a chalk outline of icing and Graeter's black raspberry blood - with vanilla ice cream.  Horrifyingly good.

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