Saturday, November 22, 2014

Holt's Birthday at Salazar

Thursday 20 November
We liked Salazar so much at Barbara's birthday that we went there again for Holt's.  And this time we had a camera.

We couldn't help repeating the prosecco, not to mention the little fried oyster sandwich with kimchi, radish sprouts, and garlic mayo, served on its own little round of log.  
Our crudo was pastrami-spiced hamachi with frisée, pickled fennel, rye bagel chips, and dots of clear pear coulis.  

And we had to try the special of grilled lamb tongue, served with marcona almonds, tiny potatoes and varicolored carrots, on a bed of romesco sauce. 
On to mains: we repeated the crisp-skinned redfish, which came on a pillow of pimenton oil (bottom), sweet parsnip purée (middle), and lentilles de puy (top), with a scatter of chanterelles.  
The other was a tender, succulent angus ribeye with black truffle butter, served with papas bravas and a little casserole of creamy, nutmeggy kale.

Birthday cake was pear-ricotta on almond meringue, feather-light, with a side of house-made blood orange pistachio sorbet.  
Once again, everything was so delicious, so meticulously made and presented, and served with such knowledge and flair, that Salazar confirmed itself as our new favorite restaurant.

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