Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dinner at Julie's

Saturday 8 November
Julie asked us and Sonja over to meet some friends of hers: Winnie, Karolyn, and Jim.  We had a great time chatting while sipping wine and snacking on hummus with bell pepper, celery, and pita chips.
The talk continued as Julie led us to the dining room, where she served the classic festive meal for a crowd: lasagne with sausage sauce, and a giant green salad full of tasty inclusions.
And we STILL were talking when she pulled her last surprise out of the oven: a luscious, brown, caramelized apple tart, to be adorned with Graeter's vanilla ice cream.

So you know what?  We'll probably gather the same group again, because we found we had so much to talk about.  Hope the food will be as good as Julie's was.

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