Saturday, April 26, 2014

The White Hart, Wytham

Saturday 19 April
Today Dag and Diane kindly drove us all the way down to Sussex so we could see the famous Palace at Fishbourne.  We had a wonderful time poking among its mosaics and gardens; then we went to the estuarine village of Bosham, where we visited Holy Trinity church (as seen on the Bayeux tapestry) and strolled through its exceedingly picturesque environs.
By the time we got back to Oxford, we were very ready for a good old fashioned pub meal.  So it was fortunate that we stopped at the White Hart in Whytham, and found it quiet and comfortable even on a Saturday night. 

The atmosphere called for beer, so we had pints of Henry's IPA and 6X ale, along with a fish board for two, featuring salmon, mackerel, and home smoked trout with bread and salad leaves.
One of our mains was a very nicely pan-fried breaded fillet of sea bass, served with potatoes, green beans, tomato and basil butter sauce.  The other was swordfish steak, unfortunately a mite overdone, with roasted slices of courgettes with rosemary, and parmentier potatoes, caper butter, and little supremes of lime. 

No dessert was needed - we enjoyed our last sips of beer, then headed for home. 

Thanks again, Diane and Dag, for our weekly adventures in archaeology, both Roman and ecclesiastical!

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