Friday, April 18, 2014

The Standard, Jericho

Tuesday 1 April
We met up with Jo and Chris for dinner at the Standard, one of Oxford's rare non-chain restaurants, and an excellent choice for Indian food.  So you could say that it's not just The Standard.
We started with pappadoms and chutneys, the latter featuring an especially good lime pickle.  And since one of our mottoes is "think globally, drink locally," we chose Cotswold lager and Isis pale ale, the latter winning for flavor and size of bottle (always a factor in Indian restaurants).
For mains, we got the specials: tamarind chicken (good, though Holt thought it needed more tamarind flavor), and Goan king prawns with coconut and lime leaves - thank goodness, these were real king prawns, not ordinary-sized shrimp.  There was also garlic naan, pilaf as well as plain steamed rice, and tastes of Jo's motter paneer (peas and fresh cheese) and aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower).  And lots and lots of "change a lightbulb" jokes.

A most pleasant meal for company (always comes first), food, and service.  So thanks, Jo and Chris, for letting us in on the secret!

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