Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dinner with the Woolfs in Crail

Wednesday 16 April
Our colleague Greg kindly hosted both our lectures today, which kept all three of us pretty busy.  So it was pure lagniappe that after some post-lecture de-stressing with the Classics folks at a local pub, the Central, he drove us out to his home in the fishing village of Crail, and treated us to a home-cooked dinner.
While Greg took over the kitchen, Jo and their daughter Maud took us on a walk around their garden (son Ben was at Scouts, but showed up in time for dessert).  Conversation was lively, only interrupted for long enough for us to drink our red wine, and eat some fabulous food.

We started with dressed crabs, locally caught and prepared so that you can eat them right out of the shells, which is the way greedy folks like us prefer it.
The main course was Greg's own long-simmered venison stew; he explained that its unusually rich and delicious flavor was due to a touch of red currant jelly, as well as lots of red wine.  He'd also cooked some new potatoes and bright green kale to go with it.
We ended with ice cream (another local product) served with Greg's warm mixed berry sauce, and then proudly Scottish cheeses and oatcakes.  Oh, and a glass or two of another Scottish product, which made us almost float out to the car when Greg kindly drove us back to our accommodations.

So thanks, Greg, Jo, Maud, and Ben, for a marvelous and memorable evening!

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