Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spouse's Dinner after Spouses' Lunch

Wednesday 12 February
At a rainy, blustery midday, Barbara blew off to Christ Church's McKenna Room for the Spouses' Lunch for this term (and yes, there were some nice men as well as many nice women at lunch).
The party started with a glass of chablis, Domaine Billaud-Simon 2007.  Then we sat down to a main course of (whole) lamb shank tagine with dried fruit couscous and courgettes, and a Vosne-RomanĂ©e Maizieres Domaine A.F. Gros 2002.
Pudding was an long white plate drizzled with honey and topped with a saffron-poached pear, greek yogurt and honey ice cream, and a chocolate stick.  Oh, and there was coffee, and mints, some of which jumped into Barbara's purse for her male relations.

In the wake of all that, Holt cooked for dinner: a simple fry-up with zucchini, potatoes, bacon, scallions, and eggs, followed by an elegant after-dinner mint.

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