Saturday, January 16, 2016

White Clam Pizza

Saturday 9 January
The recent issue of Saveur had an article about New Haven white clam pizza; frustrating, because no recipe was given.  Holt, of course, enjoyed the Frank Pepe original many times, and Barbara did too, at those times when she visited New Haven from the Other Place.
So when we spotted 8-oz. tubs of fresh clams on sale at Luken's in Findlay Market, we grabbed one.  You don't want to make this with canned clams, because there are only a few ingredients, and the clams need to shine.  We worked according to this recipe, which Jan and Michael Stern seem to have gotten directly from the horse's mouth.  
Holt made his dough according to Carol Fields' recipe, and since he didn't trust his peel to get the pizza onto the hot stone without rucking it up, laid out the pie on a tray.  That meant that the crust wasn't crackling crisp or burnt at the edges, but Barbara likes it just golden brown anyway.  Oh, and we sprinkled a little fresh parsley on top at the end.  
So we're no purists, but it was one of the most delicious pizzas we've ever had.

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