Saturday, January 09, 2016

Chicken and Mushroom Radiatori

Friday 8 January
We still had the legs, wings, and carcass of the chicken we roasted on Monday, as well as about a half pound of mushrooms, so came up with a way to combine them that wasn't too reminiscent of the classic 1950s cream of mushroom soup casserole.  (What, no green peas and potato chips?)

In butter, we sweated a chopped half onion, then sautéed the sliced mushrooms and a minced clove of garlic, then added a small handful of fresh thyme leaves (Barbara has small hands).  
A generous amount of cream went in to boil and thicken, then the mound of picked chicken (which rhymes, in a wonky way). 
We wanted a convoluted pasta to hold the creamy sauce, so we boiled radiatori, and tossed them in the pan, adding a little extra cream as the sauce soaked in. 

The final touch was a drizzle of decent balsamic vinegar, to save the dish from blandness; no cheese necessary.

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