Saturday, January 09, 2016

Chicken Breast and Sweet Potato Fries

Monday 4 January
Holt's Christmas gift was a new Börner V Power mandoline, more adjustable than our old Benriner, so tonight he tried it out on four little sweet potatoes we've had sitting around here.  Though the instructions were almost incomprehensible, he managed to turn out a pile of well-cut fries in very little time.

We threw them on the pan with a little frying chicken, tossed them in olive oil, salt, and a little cumin and pimenton, and roasted at 400º for under an hour.  And you know, both chicken and fries came out crispy and delicious at about the same time.

There is more to celebrate about this meal than even we thought - this marks our 3000th post on What Holt and Barbara Had for Dinner!!!  Is there some sort of prize for being this persistent, or compulsive, or time-wasting?  If so, let us know - a Julie and Julia type blog-into-movie deal wouldn't be bad either, though we refuse to have a marriage crisis just to get one.

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