Sunday, January 24, 2016

Soupe au Pistou

Saturday 16 January
As Holt gets better, we are able to get together with friends again.  So tonight we invited Liz over for an informal dinner.
We started with light appetizers of Brazilian tapioca puffs (Pao De Queijo) and rosemary walnuts.
In the meantime, we simmered our main dish, Provençal Soupe au Pistou, cooked along the general guidelines of Cuisine of the Sun.  We had started two or three large chopped onions simmering in some rendered bacon lardons, then added the basic chopped celery (a stalk or two), two or three carrots, some turnips, potatoes, and water to top it up.  

We were also able to add some cannellini left over from last week, and some of our home-grown carminat and romano beans from the freezer.  At the end, we threw in five or six cubes of our frozen pesto, and simmered until it was thick.  It made a fragrant and hearty main dish.

For dessert, we enjoyed (and scanned the recipe of) Liz's Mallorcan almond cake, served with pistachio ice cream. 

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