Saturday, January 30, 2016

Black Bean Soup with Sausage

Monday 25 January
We had soaked (overnight) and crockpotted (all day) a mess of black beans, with no particular idea of what to do with them.  In the same way ("on spec," as we often say), we had bought a pound package of smoked Italian sausage by Ramundo Family, a local company that one of our Findlay Market meat purveyors was trying out.  They were good, if not particularly Italian beyond being flavored with fennel.  So we decided to go Mexican, with this recipe.

Of course, we improved it to our own tastes.  You must have equal parts of coriander as well as cumin; we only used a half a chipotle in adobo, which was spicy enough; and no chicken stock or cilantro was needed for a savory and satisfying soup. 

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