Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Year's Eve

Thursday 31 December
We decided to venture out to Karolyn and Jim's house for a party to celebrate the last day of what has not been a very fortunate year.  We cheered up immediately when we entered and saw the perfect 50s white Christmas tree with purply-pink lights, and the green one decorated with figures of pirates, bananas, Buddhas, Einsteins, aliens, and other celebrities.
Karolyn had kindly set out a comfy chair and ottoman so Holt could relax, and had even more kindly spread a generous table of homemade specialties like gravlax, "grandma-style" mushroom and roast pepper-olive pizza, fried cheesy olives, and various crudités.  We drank punch and prosecco, and toward midnight, sparkling Gruet and blanc des noirs, along with the new layout of sweets: Holt's two sorts of biscotti (orange-almond and coffee-chocolate), and Karolyn's shortbreads, brownies, snowballs, gingersnaps, and rum-soaked fruitcake. 

We made it to midnight, and came home happily to a sparkling new year.  So thanks, Karolyn and Jim, for starting 2016 so sweetly for us!

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Cincinnati Bodhisattva said...

So glad you enjoyed the party and eats. Let me know if you need a healing infusion of shortbread and black cake. Sadly the gravlax has been consumed - no better breakfast is known to man or beast - though given enough encouragement I could make some more.