Saturday, January 02, 2016

Trout Quintet

Saturday 26 December

Although we have an abundance of ducky leftovers, we avoid having the same thing two nights in a row.  So today Barbara acquired a plump rainbow trout at Luken's to fry up using this basic recipe, modifying to use cornmeal to coat the fish, and clementine sections instead of orange.

Strangely enough, the garden fennel has recently been resprouting and bulbing up much more than it had in the summer.  We picked the larger and more promising ones, prompting the usual inquiry from Dora, thin-sliced the bulbs, and spun them clean in the salad spinner.  

They made a beautiful contrast with slices of lavender shallot, and went very well with the sautéed clementine and lemon thyme, not to mention lemon vodka.

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