Saturday, March 07, 2015

Roast Chicken with Brussels Sprouts

Saturday 28 February
This time we oiled the skin of our Bare's fryer with extra virgin olive oil and rubbed in a good dose of the Coop's place spice blend we had mixed up for our Mardi Gras red beans.  It went into a 400º oven on convect, and browned nicely for about a half hour in its shallow pan, while we trimmed and halved a pound of brussels sprouts. 
Then the temperature was turned down to 350º, we tossed the sprouts in olive oil, salt, and the chicken juice in the pan, and turned them all face down to brown. 

Finally, when the chicken was done and came out of the oven to rest, we tossed and flipped them around, and left them in the hot oven for ten more minutes. 

Both came out perfectly.

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