Saturday, March 28, 2015

Deconstructed Corned Beef Hash

Wednesday 25 March
There was still an amount of corned beef left over, but the slices were too pretty for our usual default dish, corned beef hash.  So Holt got a cheffy idea: deconstructed hash, keeping all the ingredients separate.
He ran six or seven little Yukon golds carefully (with gloved fingers) through the Benriner, then shallow-fried the matchsticks until they were crisp and brown.
Those went into the warming oven, so that a sliced yellow onion could go into the same pan (we don't want to wash more than one pan, do we?).  
That too came out and went into the oven, which was also warming the slices of corned beef.  
And finally, we used the same pan to fry up a couple of eggs, a natural topping for the hash.

Look - it's Hash Wednesday!

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