Saturday, March 28, 2015

Corned Beef Sandwiches and Cole Slaw

Saturday 21 March
Something unusual today - we went out to a movie.  It was a matinee of "What we Do in the Shadows" (bloody hysterical) we saw along with our friend Kathy.  
After it we brought her back to a simple dinner of corned beef sandwiches.  Because there was plenty of corned beef left over from Wednesday to pile on top of Holt's pane pugliese, with our homemade grain mustard and cornichons.  And she kindly supplied a selection of beers (red wine would have been too much, after that movie).

On Wednesday we had also taken the three-quarters of a head of green cabbage that we didn't boil for dinner, shredded it thin, tossed with salt and cider vinegar,  and let it relax for a couple of days.  Yesterday we drained it of extra water, mixed in enough mayonnaise to moisten it thoroughly, and seasoned the mix with a good sprinkle celery seed, a little dry mustard, a touch of prepared horseradish, and a little more cider vinegar.  
One of the best cole slaws we've made, and it's always nice to share a good Saturday meal with a friend.

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