Saturday, March 07, 2015

A Catered Affair at Jack's

Thursday 5 March
On top of yesterday's snow emergency, today was the day that our prospective graduate students were supposed to fly in.  Some of them actually made it, though several were stranded at airports across the country.  So it was a smaller crowd than expected that gathered at Jack's palatial home for a welcome-to-Cincinnati meet-the-faculty dinner.
A kind, tuxedoed server offered appetizers which we gobbled hungrily, only later wondering what sort of cuisine would be offered after a platter that combined spanakopita, mustardy cheese puffs, and pigs in blankets.

We soon found out.  The company responsible was called "A Catered Affair," and it seemed like they circulated endlessly to put out a single table of three chafing dishes, a bowl of salad, and some fruit.  Their crab crepes were just edible, but the only other dishes were vegetable penne with barely any vegetables, and some olive-drab broccoli.  
Confirmed meatatarians just had to cope, and it could not have been called an impressive spread even by graduate-students-to-be.

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