Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thai Seafood Curry

Saturday 20 September
Barbara sowed about 50 seeds of Thai basil in the garden this July, and two plants actually germinated.  As we always have our handy container of Mae Ploy green curry paste in the fridge, we chose this recipe to combine the two.
Instead of shrimp, we used one of the pound bags of frozen squid we got at Kroger.  The mussels were from Luken's in Findlay Market, because they pick them over carefully before giving them to you, and there wasn't a bad one in the bunch.

Some people who reviewed this recipe said it was bland.  They couldn't be using Mae Ploy brand curry, because we scanted the measure a bit, and it was nicely eye-watering, though not quite at the level of Malaysian Death Sauce.  And next time we'll add the basil and cilantro (also growing nicely in the recent cool weather) at the very end, when it goes into the bowls and can preserve a little of its green flavor uncooked.

Still, a fragrant, spicy Saturday night meal that will either cure your sniffles, or cause them.

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