Saturday, September 27, 2014

Spicy Beef with Tricolor Peppers

Tuesday 23 September
This was the first day of fall, though you wouldn't know if from the weather.  We had three peppers the color of autumn leaves (notionally - the ones on the trees outside are still green), bright red, orange, and yellow, so we combined them into a flavorsome stir-fry, inspired by this.
We got our mise together, making some basic changes to the recipe (which you can see on the i-pad, a vital part of the mise).  
Sliced the chuck steak paper-thin, so it'd be more tender than it was last time; left out the cornstarch; sliced up a combination of red and white onions, as we were out of scallions; used black bean and garlic sauce (which we already had) instead of chile and garlic sauce; and as always, stir-fried the vegetables first, as we find them more forgiving than the meat. 
The combination of ketchup, hoisin, and garlic sauce is more typically Chinese than you'd think, and made a rich, spicy finishing sauce for the dish.

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