Saturday, February 20, 2016

Valentine's Veal

Sunday 14 February
Valentine's Day is something worth celebrating in our house.  Holt always gets Barbara flowers, and Barbara always gets Holt chocolates.  This year Dora enjoyed Holt's lisianthus bouquet, and the tabletop Valentines provided her with an excellent place to hide in plain sight.

Otherwise, we've been so busy with office matters we had little time to shop or plan.  But back in November, Barbara dragged home a whole breast of veal to celebrate Holt's birthday feast; we cut it in half, stuffed and served the ribby part to our guests, and froze the boneless part.  That was disinterred from the deep freeze for this occasion.  
Simply braised in a pan with porcini mushrooms à la Bittman, it made a luscious centerpiece for our Valentine's Day dinner.  There was some roasted asparagus for a side dish; and of course, Barbara's Aglamesis Brothers' heart-shaped chocolates (and brandy) for dessert.

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