Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mustard-Coated Salmon and Asparagus

Saturday 20 February
It's now Lent, so Kroger has lots of fresh fish, as well as asparagus, on sale; though we had fish and asparagus only this past Thursday, we couldn't resist.  So we got a pound of purple asparagus and a pound and a half of Atlantic salmon fillet (for a change from barramundi), cut the latter into three pieces (one unseasoned, for later), and baked it with a mustard and crumb crust, like this. But we baked it at 350º for 5 minutes longer, as our salmon was in generous rather than wispy portions, and our asparagus was not twig-thin.

The mustard coating goes very well with salmon, and at least it's not pesto this time.  And everything bakes on the same tray, which saves washing-up effort.

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