Saturday, February 13, 2016

Red Feather, Hyde Park

Tuesday 9 February
Once again, we were taking a job candidate out to dinner, but this time we wanted someplace quieter and more comfy than Forno (and with a parking lot).  So we booked a table at Red Feather Kitchen.
Our assiduous waiter got us the red wines that such a cold evening demanded, and suggested we try the whipped ricotta with truffle, honey, and olive oil as a starter.  It was creamy and funky, surrounded by a ring of grilled baguette slices, and the truffle made it superior to the version they serve at the nearby Enoteca Emilia.  Our other starter, calamari tempura with sweet chili dipping sauce, was a little heavily battered, but okay.

For mains, we chose a nice sliced hanger steak on top of shiitake mushrooms, zucchini, and bok choy, with a savory, buttery glaze; and a rather odd dish of three grilled scallops (a little overseasoned), on sweet rice with roasted endive. 

Perhaps they were pushing the flavor envelope a little with that one.  But you've got to say, Red Feather is a creative, as well as a scratch, kitchen.

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