Sunday, February 07, 2016

Bluefish with Tomato Coulis and Blood Orange Salad

Saturday 6 February
We were going to make a meatloaf tonight, but Lukens had a sign up for bluefish fillets at $6.99 a pound, and our motto is, "see a bluefish, buy a bluefish."
Bluefish calls for tomatoes, but they're out of season, so you have to make do with whatever waxy winter fruit you can get.  So we dusted four or five halved Roma tomatoes with a little salt and sugar, and roasted them in the combi oven at 250º for 3 hours.  Mixed with some zest of blood orange and fresh chervil, they made a lovely coulis to accompany the fish.
Normally we get whole bluefish, but the method for cooking these fillets was inspired by the recipe for "Baked Bluefish" in Alan Davidson's classic North Atlantic Seafood.
Season two bluefish fillets with salt.  Put ca. 4 Tbsps. butter in a pyrex pan in a 430º oven until lightly browned.  When sizzling, put in the fillets, skin side up, and leave them in the oven for ca. 5 mins.
Turn the fillets over, baste with the butter from the pan, and pat the tops with some fresh thyme leaves.  Return to oven and roast till done, ca. 5 mins. more.  You can then run the fish fillets under the broiler for a minute to crisp them. 

This went well with a side salad, consisting of the halved segments of the blood orange, a sliced zucchini, and some leaves of redleaf lettuce, tossed with salt, pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

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