Saturday, February 13, 2016

Django Western Taco, Northside

Wednesday 10 February
When she was here as a visiting assistant professor, our friend Rose really liked the salmon they served at Django in Northside.  So tonight we took her to meet Lauren and Eleni (both Northside denizens) for an informal dinner there.

Unfortunately the place seems to have undergone drastic changes of management, menu, and quality.  The salmon dish was gone, and the menu featured ramen.  What sort of taco place serves ramen?  Or has a chef wearing a wookie hat working the grill?  Still, the margaritas and espresso ale came pretty quickly, and the table dealt well with the guacamole, chips, and cheese-topped lentil appetizers.
Our first main was a trio of tacos: carne asada with guacamole and pickled onion (pretty good), al pastor (ground pork, pineapple, mint, and cilantro, dusted with queso fresco - in other words, a mess), and fish (strangely, battered cod, with a rather leaky tomato salsa and toasted onion shreds).

The best thing was the special, a pan-roasted fillet of steelhead trout with nice crispy skin, topped with sprouts, on a bed of butternut squash and spinach, dotted with broccoli "pesto."  
But other than that, no one who actually likes Mexican, or indeed any, food would have reason to go to Django.

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