Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cauliflower Cheese

Tuesday 16 February
A fine, fat cauliflower jumped into Barbara's market basket, and since we've already followed the fads for cauliflower grills and soups recently, we decided on a classic cauliflower cheese.
The principles are simple: break up and cook the cauliflower, make a sauce, melt lots of cheese in it, mix with the cauliflower, scatter more cheese and maybe some breadcrumbs on top, bake till golden. 
Of course, the drier the cauliflower cooking method, the less water it will give off in the bake.  That's why we took Alton Brown's advice and microwaved it. 
It actually needed two minutes more nuking than he said, but we may like our vegetables more tender than he does.  And his tip about seasoning the sauce with dry mustard and smoked paprika was right on the money. 

We used our standard bechamel and about 10 oz. of coljack cheese, and it was perfect for our extra-large cauliflower.

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