Saturday, May 30, 2015

Uje Oil Bar and Pjaca, Split

Monday 18 May

We grabbed lunch at the first streetside place we could find after our Asmosia conference let out (way past time) for lunch.  It turned out to be the Uje oil bar, featured in Time Out Croatia, a near-infallible website that would end up providing us with all the restaurant references to keep us happy throughout our visit.  So Uji didn't only have excellent, smoky oil in the local style, but house-made bread, fine salads, and such fineries as goose pršut (get it?) with its own little prosciutto cutting rack with a goose on it.
At the end of the day on which both Holt and Barbara presented papers, the participants were rewarded by Asmosia with a welcoming drink and hors d'oeuvres of almost architectural style, featuring red and black caviar, anchovies eating their own tails, bits of salami and mozzarella equivalent, and savory tuna.  The welcome was held at the Split city museum, for the display MARMORE LAUDATA BRATTIA about the Brač quarry and its products.

Afterward, we went with John and Annewies, who are also staying at Palace Augubio, to Pjaca (pronounced Piazza) for an evening meal of squid with black squid ink risotto, topped with a little grated cheese (as it never would be in Italy, but delicious for all that); and fresh grilled sea bass, with a mound of roasted vegetables and a drizzle of balsamic on the side. 

A local white Malvasija went perfectly with all of it.

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