Saturday, May 09, 2015

Avocados and Artichokes

Friday 8 May
Day before yesterday, we came home from the Clifton Market fest with two giant and dangerously prickly globe artichokes, and three avocados.  Tonight we prepared them for a vegetable meal, vaster than empires, and (considering how long you have to boil a giant artichoke to get it tender) more slow.
We served our avocados just slit open, glazed with lemon juice, and accompanied by dipping sauces: our beloved curry and soy sauce whipped up with mayonnaise, and simple ponzu, similarly whipped with mayonnaise.

When the giant globe artichokes were pared and boiled until tender, we had them as a second course, with a salsa verde made of chopped sorrel, oregano, chervil, and capers, whipped up with garlic oil and lemon.

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