Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grilled Swordfish and Vegetables

Tuesday 12 May
They often talk about summer being grilling time, and so it is.  But where others have propane grills the size of Volkswagens parked out on their decks, we just keep using our JennAir range grill attachment, so we can stay indoors with the air conditioning on (it's pretty hot this week).

We defrosted a couple of swordfish steaks and set them marinating in oil and salt while we grilled the vegetables - thick slices of red pepper, radicchio, and sweet onion.  They taste better when they're not piping hot, so they rested on a platter while we grilled the fish.  
We had a cup of leftover salsa verde standing by, but neither the vedge nor the fish really needed anything but their grill marks to be delicious.

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