Saturday, February 07, 2015

Swordfish with Fennel and Beet Salad

Friday 6 February
We're still not ready to go back to ground meat, so we defrosted a couple of swordfish steaks and rubbed them with olive oil, lemon juice, our own dried oregano, and salt.  After a short marination, those went onto a hot grill pan.
In the meantime, Holt managed to get a bulb of fresh fennel away from Dora, who rates it as among her favorite vegetables (she really is a very strange cat).  He cut the bulb in half and manipulated it on the Benriner, being careful to use his protective glove, as we wanted paper-thin fennel with no admixture of finger.

It was dressed with a few of its own fronds, salt, olive oil, juice from a squeezed tangerine, and a touch of white balsamic for zest, and left to get limp.  Then it got piled on slices of red juicy beet we've had around since we roasted them a couple of Saturdays ago.

Such a refreshing combination of flavors, especially the Greek-style swordfish and the citrusy fennel salad.  

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