Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Need a (Meatball) Hero

Sunday 8 February
Back in graduate school, Barbara experienced The Perfect Meatball Hero - except that in Massachusetts, it was called a grinder.  (Joan Peterson, get in touch and remind us where the sandwich place was.)  Every so often, she gets a yen for a repeat, but most places make bland and squishy meatballs with commercial sauce and shaker cheese, on boring buns.  
We can do better at home, especially when there's a big batch of meatballs and another of red sauce (from meatballs and spaghetti) already made, and Holt can bake a batch of rolls to order the day before.

Today we split two perfect hero rolls, toasting them for added strength.  We spread sauce on the top of each half, then two meatballs that had been reheated in the sauce, then a little more sauce, and finally big slices of mozzarella. We slid the half heroes under the broiler till they melted on top.
There was no way we could lift them or fit the volcanic contents into our mouths, so we had to use a knife and fork.  But oh, the melty, savory, stringy-cheesy goodness.  The yen is satisfied, and a batch of meatballs and sauce is put aside for when it strikes again.

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