Saturday, February 07, 2015

Country Ribs and Potato Salad

Sunday 1 February
You've gotta go American for Superbowl Sunday.  We marinated a batch of meaty pork ribs with Broken Trail hot sauce (ask for it by name!) and the tail end of a bottle of oyster sauce, for umami.  Normally the ribs would be braised then baked, but with our new combi-oven, it was easy to give them 30 minutes on super-steam, then baste with more Broken Trail, shoot them with 15 minutes of steam-broil, then flip, baste, and repeat.
Earlier, we made a big batch of potato salad, flavoring it with oil-frozen tarragon and mustard, and a simple dressing of good oil and white wine vinegar; it had all day to sit and soak up the flavors, and didn't need to be refrigerated.

We started dinner just as the game began, but actually finished and left the house before they got to the only part we both like, halftime.  Instead we went to a terrific concert by the vocal group Cantigium, held just around the corner at Annunciation Church as the start of the Early Music Festival this month.  So we think we got the best parts: good (American) food, good (polyphonic) music.

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