Saturday, February 14, 2015

Meatloaf Parmigiana and Mash

Friday 13 February
This is the end of the ground beef story that began two weeks ago (if you don't count the ten meatballs we've got stashed in the freezer for a desperate day). 
Two slim slices of that Saturday meatloaf each got cut in half, topped with the meatball-fragment-rich sauce from the following Tuesday, steam-baked in the combi-oven to reheat, and then steam-broiled to melt thick slices of mozzarella over them, not too unlike that Sunday's meatball heroes.

Amazingly, the tomatoey mounds didn't fall to pieces when lifted off the baking pan, and were adorned with a side of yukon golds pot-mashed with butter and cream.
To lighten things up, we made a fennel salad much like last Friday's, but with the single golden beet we had left diced and mixed through like little jewels, tossed with a squeezed half lime, a shot of white balsamic, salt, and then olive oil.

Another surprisingly harmonious meal of unaccountable leftovers.

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